Introduction to Online Casino Winning Strategies

By 23 January 2021

It is always a dream of every gambler to make money when they play online casinos. However, it is not always a walk in the park. Their dreams get shattered by the house edge. For those new to gambling, the house edge is the house advantage over the player. All the games are designed to have a house edge. The reason is that all casinos are in the business of making money. However, players are in the business of making more money with less or no loses. How possible is that? The answer lies in the use of strategy. A strategy is simply a special way of executing something with the aim of bringing more positive results. In gambling, the use of strategy is very common from the start of gambling which happened more than 100 years back. With a good strategy, you can beat the casino and win more games. Here, we are going to discuss different strategies available in online casinos. They have been used by different players and proven to be true. If you follow them to the letter, you are likely to make a profit everytime you play in any casino. Those strategies applies on different games.

Start With Demo Mode

A demo game is a replica of a real money game. A game is said to be in a demo mode when you use the fun money (virtual money) instead of real money. For a novice player or a new player who is starting out playing casino games, playing on a demo mode is the best place to start. Well, as a new player, you will encounter different challenges in your game. Such problems will lead to a player making a lot of mistakes. Such mistakes will be overlooked when playing on a demo mode. In case you are playing on a real money casino, you will lose a lot of money. As you play on a demo mode, you will be gaining an experience similar to that of the equivalent casino on a real money mode. The two versions from a similar company operate on the same server thus retaining almost similar attributes. If you are looking for a demo game, it is good to look at reputable casinos. Such casinos have a significant number of players who trust them. At some point, the players will always write a good review about a casino every time they are satisfied with the services offered.

  • When playing on demo version, is good to start with the list coin denomination.
  • A player can use demo version to compare different games.

A player can also maximize the capabilities of a demo mode to find a profitable game. It happens mostly on slots games. You can check the behavior of a game when you wager some money. Game exhibits three types of modes. That is Hot, Cold, and Neutral. A game is said to be HOT or POSITIVE mood when it has a positive balance in its prize pool. In other words, it means a lot of players have been losing more money than they have won previously. A game can be in a COLD or NEGATIVE mood when there is a negative balance on its prize pool. A lot of players who wagered previously had won more money than lost. Such a game needs a lot of money to compesate the one lost in the prize pool. A NEUTRAL game is the one with a ZERO balance in the prize pool. Such a game will keep reducing your account balance gradually. The most ideal game to play is the one in a POSITIVE mood. It has the potential to fire you in a great winning any time soon. It is good to test those moods while in the demo mode.


Play On the Most Profitable Games

Well, there are different games available in an online casino. They will all pay differently. For you to be on a safer side, it is good to select a game that pays more than the others. So how can you do that? Let assume that you have practised your games on demo mode and you have a wide knowledge of the game. There are different things that show a game is profitable. The first thing to check is the return to the player. Return to player is the amount of the money a slot gives back to players at the end of the game. Return to player is calculated as a percentage. For example, if a game as an RTP of 97%, it means a player will get beck €97 for every €100 wagered. For players to win a big, they must focus on finding a game with a higher RTP of not less than 97.5%. You can't find such games from any online casinos. Most of them will always shy away fom such games since they get a little profit. The best example of such a game is Jackpot 600. It is a slot game from NetEnt with an RTP of 98%.

The types of bonuses involved will also impact the chances of winning a game in any casino. There are different bonuses that are awarded by the casino to the players as a token of appreciation. The most common type of bonus is the sign-up bonus. A player will get a such bonus after registering on a casino. The best example of a bonus in this category is no deposit bonus. It is given to a player after registering an account with the casino. Such a bonus does not require a player to make any deposit. Such a bonus helps the players to try different games in a casino without risking their money. The amount of bonus offered by a casino should not confuse you. There is a wagering requirement on most bonuses. The wagering requirement is simply the number of times you will need to pay a bonus before it is withdrawable. For example, a casino is offering a no deposit bonus of €10 with a wagering requirement of 30x. It means you need to wager at least €300 on that casino to be able to withdraw your bonus and any wining associated with it. For you to have a better chance, always play bonuses with minimum or no wagering requirements.

Playing On High Volatility Games

If you have been a seasoned online casino player. You might have come across the term volatility. So what is it and why should we even be concerned in the first place. Well, volatility is the measure of how easy it is to win or lose when playing a game. There are three types of volatility mainly low, medium, and high. Most players prefer to play on medium to low volatility games. Most experts also advices the players to play on low volatility games. Well, it is a good strategy if you want to play safe. Such games will have small cycles between all wins. However, the winnings are always small. If you want to make a substantial win, it is good to wager on high volatility games. Such games have a high potential of firing you to a win. However, you will spend a lot of cycles of losses. However, once you make a win, it is always a big win. Such games are not made for soft-hearted players. However, you also need to have a good balance of not less than €300 on your account. Combining both high volatilities with a high RTP gives you the highest potential of winning any game in any online casino.